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What are the image size requirements for entering?

Please note the following requirements when submitting images to the Documentary Family Awards:

  • Aspect Ratio: We accept any aspect ratio.
  • Image Dimension: At least 3000px on the long edge
  • Image Size: Maximum file size of each photo should be 50MB.
  • Image File Type: jpg.
  • Toning: Color or Black & White only. No spot colouring or split toning allowed.
  • Image Date: Photos submitted can be from any year unless category-specific rules apply.
  • No watermarks, text or borders of any kind can be added to the image (exemption given to diptychs, and triptychs and cell/mobile photos with borders).
  • Resolution: Photo can be any resolution, as long as it matches the pixel dimensions stated under Horizontal and Vertical image dimensions.
  • File Name: Specific file names are no longer required.

If your submitted images do not meet all of our image requirements they may be disqualified without notice.

Updated on November 27, 2021

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